Week 6 : Activity 2 [Drawing]

I was a big big fan of drawing something, an object or people. In last few months ago, I was looking through internet, and I found some pretty people. It was anime. Big eyes, small nose and mouth… I loved it. So I tried to draw anime, and it was so hard for me at first because I never tried to draw people like that. I didn’t know how to draw people’s sparkling eyes, or beautiful bodies, it was super challenging to me. But I tried and tried, until I could draw fine, and now, I can draw a fine anime person.

Okay, this is my first anime drawing. You will see that this person is not that looks good, because it is my first first very first drawing anime of my life!! Please don’t argue to this drawing. Anyway, after I drew this picture, I was so excited that I could DRAW anime.

This picture is drawn at few weeks ago, and this anime character is my own character. ( I made this character. ) And I started to use color pencil! It looks like I need to work on more drawing, but I was so proud of  myself that I could done this much.

I drew this picture yesterday ( 11/15/17) and this picture was for my teacher. The reason of I said this picture is for my teacher is because this character is the main character of my favorite book The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I didn’t finish to read that book yet, but I like this book so far. I loved how this girl looked like at the front book cover, so I had to draw this girl! When I finished to draw this girl, and I thought about the first moment that I drew anime character. I was so surprised that I could draw like this. Really, I almost cried. I’m so happy!!!!!

What is your favorite anime character? Did you ever felt like you really want to draw that anime character? Please leave a comment!

( Activity 2 )

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