Week 3: activity 3 [Beginning Story]

It was very very bright sunny day outside, and I was playing baseball with my cousin. And suddenly, I felt somebody’s staring at me. I looked around, and I found a cute(?) dog was looking at me quietly with its beautiful eyes. I’m really scared of the wild dog, so I hided at behind of the wall. But my cousin didn’t hide, and he went to the dog. He shook his hands like trying to make the dog go away, but the dog bite my cousin’s arm.


    • seoyeonpark

      Dear Ricky c,
      Thank you! That is little different with my thinking, but I think that is more good story than mine!

      Seo Yeon

  1. Ms. McGrain

    Seo Yeon,
    Nice use of descriptive words in the start to your story! Here is my thinking on the ending:
    The dog bites my friends arm. My friend screams out in pain and the dog let’s go. The dog realizes he did something bad and he tries to make up for it by licking my friend’s arm. Luckily, my friend did not get hurt and the dog learned never to bite someone again!


    • seoyeonpark

      Dear Ms.McGrain,

      Thanks for praising me! I was thinking almost same ending of story. But one thing that different with your thinking was in my story, my cousin (you said friend) went to the hospital, and that dog was escaping that place. Well, I think your thinking is more comfortable to read. Hope you enjoyed to read my post!

      Seo Yeon

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