Week 3: Activity 4 [Image Story]

Hello, My name is Seo Yeon. In this post, I Just put the picture of my story. 

Can you figure out what my story is? Please leave a comments to my post, so I can see what you are thinking!


  1. liamballew

    Hi Seo Yeon,
    This is my guess on your story.I think that the plane crashed in the desert.Then they found a forest, and then they found a trampoline.After that the military found them and took them to civilization.

    • seoyeonpark

      Dear Liam (Leam),
      Thank you for leaving a comment! and that’s what I thought about those picture! I really don’t know why I put trampoline in there, but that still make sense(?)!

      Seo Yeon

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