Happy new year! Wow! It is already 2018! The time is super fast! Our family write about our plans or goals in one sheet of paper to see what do we need to complete and what have we done. I think that is kind of cool because it seems like we are thinking about our … [Click to read more!]

Large Class VS Small Class

Do you agree or disagree that students learn more in large classes than in small discussion classes? I agree that students learn more in large lecture classes. The biggest reason for me is friendship. In large classes, there are 15~ 20 students, so students are able to befriend to one another. They can play with … [Click to read more!]

Almost Christmas!

It is almost Christmas! Yay! In Christmas, people get presents from Santa, and enjoy Christmas song, and thing that you can do during Christmas. Some of people would believe Santa, and some of people would not believe Santa. That doesn’t matter, we can still enjoy fantastic day of Christmas! First, what is Christmas? Christmas is … [Click to read more!]